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This quarantine isn’t about you. It’s not about me either.

Today is the 61st day of me being in quarantine and using social distancing methods-  and I will be the first to say I am OVER IT. I moved to a new city at the very start and the only thing I’ve seen is a few running trails, the supermarket, some back streets when I got lost and one Kmart.

I can’t even see my aging parents who now live within 3 hours from me. I’m watching my abroad working visa tick away and I lost $40,000 in speaking opportunities this year alone – and let’s not even discuss my clients – please. Gulp.
This whole year has been painful.
I think we can all agree.

I would LOVE to go and see my friends. I want to go to go a bar. I want to hug the people I love tight. I want to eat lunch in a noisy cafe. But here is the thing.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Jean, my neighbour I hadn’t met before. I was taking the bin out and ran into her in the hallway. Homegirl was at least 80 years of age and was taking her dog, Peggy, for a walk. She stopped at the end of the hallway and asked me if I was unwell.
I laughed and said no. She told me ‘its just me and Peggy, and I don’t think I would survive getting this bloody corona virus.’

She’s right.

I recently came down with a terrible virus which was not COVID. I got tested and it was negative. Here is the thing – I was SICK. They did the nose swab and me, who is usually very stoic cried for a few minutes. A kind nurse patted me on the head and said ‘Oh honey, you are sick, aren’t you?’

I felt awful and this was in comparison ‘a mild virus’. I’m in pretty good health and within three days I had mostly bounced back. What is Jean had gotten it?
What if my 86 year old nana gets it?
What about my 2 year old nephew?
You have people around you that if this got this virus – they would not survive.

We are at the tail end of our quarantine, and I get you are over it. Me too.

We are ALL suffering from burnout and all itching for company and the love of other people but right now – it’s the time we just need to hold on, just a little bit longer.
At the time of writing this, Australia has only had 97 deaths due to COVID.  We have forgotten that this is a real threat, the actual life cost and because we did what we needed to – we flattened the curve and we did a good job.

Please don’t get complacent now cause if someone kills my nana or Jean, I’m gonna be pissed.
It not about us – it’s about everyone else around us.
And right now  we need that reminder more than ever.

I have to run. I agreed to take Peggy for a walk so Jean doesn’t have to outside.

(Also, if you pull that ‘I see through the mainstream media’ or conspiracy bullshit with me, just fuck off right now until you get a medical degree)

Love love –




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