I help ambitious entrepreneurs to build their business, stop playing small and step into the spotlight.

It’s time the world sees how amazing you are!

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Tell me if you resonate...

You turned a passion into a business, but here’s the catch:

No one knows.

Okay, okay..your mum and sister and neighbor’s dog all know, but outside of your inner circles you’re not being seen.

It's time to change that.

Who am I?

My name is Jemimah Ashleigh — International best-selling author and visibility expert.
I help entrepreneurs who are struggling to build brand awareness and visibility by getting them exposure, providing a strong network and one-on-one training, all in less than 20 minutes a day.

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I’m your visibility godmother.  

I’m your visibility cool aunt.  

I’m your visibility secret weapon.  

What we do

How we turn regular entrepreneurs into Visibility Stars

Prep Class

For New Entrepreneurs

Drop into the Lab and see how we are doing PR differently. This drop in membership gets you access to the Lab and community on your own schedule.

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The Visibility Lab

For Established Entrepreneurs

Step into the Lab and prepare to elevate your profile. From trainings to community to one on one PR strategy, you'll learn how to gain visibility the ethically.

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The Accelerator

By Application Only

An exclusive done-for-you service created for high-growth clients working one-on-one with PR expert, Jemimah Ashleigh.

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Our first live event for 2024 is happening on 26th April 2024!

And it's all about taking your amazing brand and amplifying onto stages and getting you on TV.
Many times, one of the reasons people aren't getting booked for TV spots or speaking gigs is because people don't know how to pitch and today - we are solving that problem.

I know what you're THINKING.

Another class where they will TALK about the idea? This is not that type of class. You will leave with the BLUEPRINT for a good keynote, you will pitch to actual TV Execs and you'll have a marketing plan for 2024.

So in this FULL DAY event we will be diving into HOW to create:
• A confident mindset to get you in front of the camera
• Overcoming blocks to help you reach out to Media
• Tools to help you write an amazing TV pitch
• Access to Media
• Process of how to write a keynote that CRUSHES audiences


We will Ross Dwyer from Do Good Studio in the house filming FREE introduction marketing videos for all attendees. ($475 value)
And... a recently confirmed studio, we will have Ticker TV presenting on how to book a TV interview with them.

PLUS.... you can pitch to them directly to be featured in an upcoming TV interview.

Plus a gift bag full of tangible usable products.
More details to come but if you are someone who wants to make speaking and keynotes part of your marketing plan for 2024 - this event is NOT TO BE MISSED.

Want to reserve your spot? You can join us in PERSON in Melbourne.

Book in now to avoid disappointment.


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