The Visibility Lab
Retreat 2025

Forget everything you think you know about retreats. This is NOT that. 

You’ve thought about doing all this visibility stuff before, right? 

Maybe you’ve even tried to get a podcast or blog started before.

Or you’ve had your book planned out in your head for years with not a word put down on paper.

What makes this work when nothing has before?

Well, have you ever tried to do it in a different continent, led by an expert in the field, whilst surrounded by like-minded people all with a desire for the same type of business success as you?

It's not a business coach you need, you've got that shit well-handled - you just need help with showcasing your product or yourself with the most impact, in front of the right people.

You need to learn how to be VISIBLE. You need a visibility need me and what I can help you learn.


That’s the difference.
That’s why this works.

Yes, I could teach you everything you need to know with online courses and seminars (I already do… very successfully – check out The Visibility Lab if you haven’t already). But it takes time. After all you still have life shit to do like running a business, or working a job, or taking care of the kids.

A retreat is different. It’s for those who are ready to level up their results… NOW.

I have never seen shifts in mindset, ideas for business, or plans for audience and authority growth come together as quickly as they do whilst on a retreat.

"I can't believe how much I came away from Bali with. Excellent experiences, amazing new friendships, more leads and networking opportunities than I ever imagined, and the peace and energy that only Bali can deliver. Thanks Jemimah and Michelle. You nailed it". Dominique



Something special, dare I say magical, happens when you put a group of people together with nothing to focus on except themselves and their goals. Then add in the energy of a beautiful location, an island of the gods, and her energetic frequencies, and you have the ingredients for epic shifts, personally and professionally. I’ve seen it happen.

And it’s the most powerful thing I’ve ever seen.

Want to be part of that kind of movement?

12 month goal setting worksheets around all areas of your life including business, financial, recreation, travel and your big business items

A 12-month business blueprint – 4 dynamic but focused quarters of personalised plans to keep you on track and focused towards your individual business aims

Annual press release calendar with media pitches prepared for the next 12-months

Your Big Item Business Blueprint – I’ll help you decide what big hitter will fit your business goals the best – podcast, book, TV appearances, resume, etc – and you’ll leave Bali with a specific plan of how to complete it as quickly as possible

3 month access to Jemimah Ashleigh and The Visibility Lab Training

New friends and a brand new community to support you every step of the way

A new sense of purpose, probably a sun tan and some cute souvenirs!

You'll leave this retreat with

"I'm endlessly grateful for knowing what Jemimah and Michelle have taught me. Thank you. Life changing is an understatement."

"Can't recommend it enough. If you think you need it, you do!

"This is truly where the magic happens - people, connections and growth".

WHAT YOU'LL EXPERIENCE IN BALI...but we aren't going to tell you everything!

Day 1 - Goal Setting
Day 2 - Personal Brand
Day 3 - Go with the Flow and Let It Go!
Day 4 - Level Up
Day 5 - Blueprinting the Level
Day 6 - Levelled Up

  • Join us - Bali, Indonesia 10th April 2025 - 15th April 2025. (9th April is optional CULTURAL DAY)
  • Prep Webinars - to help you connect with the other participants and provide insight before we arrive in Bali so we can hit the ground running
  • 6 days in 5 Star Luxury Villas with your own private bedroom, private bathroom, chef and staff to cater for your every need
  • Plus all the other stuff like ....cultural experiences, a brand new community and access to your two experts Jemimah and Michelle, massages - just to name a few. 

For all of the information plus a look at how our days would look like, download the retreat guide.

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