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Lessons from Accidentally Starting a Business and Becoming an Award-Winning Entrepreneur

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Position Me was initially released in 2017 but what if it turns out I had so much more to say? Welcome to the 2023 edition of Position Me with the life lessons over the last five years all wrapped up in the ultimate guide to positioning yourself. 


Are you looking for more valuable lessons about business and looking for lessons to help you in your business career? We have that. I speak about everything in the last five years. 

Are you wanting to know how I handled a very public separation, a divorce and a pandemic - all in one year? We have that too. 

Are you looking for additional photos including a more mature cover photos where you can actually see my face and additional great fun photos inside? 

(Spoiler: YEP! I DID THAT!)

Are you looking to build your profile and you want more information on how to win awards, get featured in the media and build a business? We added more information about that as well! 

My single goal in business has been to help other people - and this is my way to do this. I want to help business owners to succeed - and this is EVERYTHING I know in one place. 
Welcome to Position Me 2.0. 

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Why You Should Read This Book

Are you in the dreaming stages of coming up with your big idea?

Just a couple months into your entrepreneurial journey?

Maybe you've been going at it and grinding your teeth for the last five years but you're hitting a brick wall?

This book is for you.

If you've ever pillow-screamed "If only I knew that before!" or "Why didn't someone tell me that!?" then this is for you. This book is made up of all the lessons I learned from every mistake I've made along my Entrepreneurial journey.

Who Definitely Shouldn't Read It

If you don't like the idea of being challenged on your beliefs and the way you currently do things, don't read this book.

I mean, I absolutely wrote it for people like you. But if you're going to put up a wall, you're not gonna get any value from it.

However, I do like your headstrong-ness. It's cute.

If you can put your ego aside for a moment (it's okay, we all have one) you'll see you and I aren't all that different and there are some #truthbombs in this book that I wrote just for you.

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