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Mark is an international best-selling author, keynote speaker and dating/relationship expert who you might have seen on Youtube with over half a million subscribers. Mark helps women break bad relationship patterns, improve their confidence and find their inner Queen so they can attract, build and keep the relationship of their dreams.

Mark is our go to to help with life coaching, self confidence and an expert in all romantic communication skills.

Mark Rosenfeld is our go to Expert in all things dating and relationships.

Fi Mim

Melbourne Photographer | Fi Mims Photography

Fi is one of Australia’s leading personal brand photographers, Fi works with thought-leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners to help elevate their personal brand and amplify their message in an authentic way, inspiring others to work with them.

Over the last 10 years Fi’s work has taken her to Paris, San Francisco, Bali, Auckland and interstate here in Australia. But her favourite place to work is in her hometown of Melbourne - where she regularly photographs both Jemimah and all of her clients.

This is our great friend, Fi Mims and she is our Expert in giving us the best branding photos around.

Rosie Shilo 


As the owner of Virtually Yours, Rosie has inspired and mentored hundreds of VAs to run their own successful businesses. As a true advocate for the industry, Rosie not only guides VAs to deliver exceptional client services, but also works with business owners to show how they can benefit from using a VA – even helping them find their perfect match through her VA Matchmaking service.

Rosie has mentored many new and experienced VAs in their business, and seen them overcome many hurdles to achieve amazing goals. Rosie has become out go-to for all things Virtual Assistant and getting great people onboard.

Rosie Shilo is our expert in getting experts to help you!

Kristopher Meuweissen 


Kris has been a self employed Financial Adviser and in business since 2012. Kris lives and breathes financial advice and has a lot of exposure and ideas for working with people from different advice backgrounds.

Kris was recognised in the 2023 Australian Small Business Champion Awards Financial Services and recognised as the Client Services Individuals of the Year, Financial Advice Excellence Awards.

Kris has been a long term client of the Lab, good human and Expert in all things money and wealth.

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Kris Meuweissen is our recommended Expert for all things Finance.


The DanicaB pr collective

Danica Bunch is an award-winning strategic Public Relations and Communication expert, with a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years in the dynamic Australian and international markets. Known for crafting compelling narratives, Danica excels in developing innovative communication strategies that resonate with diverse audiences across the globe, yielding impactful results.

At the heart of Danica's approach is an in-depth understanding of the intricate interplay between media, public perception, and corporate goals. This insight, combined with an unwavering commitment to excellence, has led her to spearhead numerous high-profile campaigns, steering them to unprecedented success. Danica possesses a unique blend of creative flair and analytical acumen, enabling her to navigate the ever-evolving PR landscape with agility and insight.

A sought-after speaker and thought leader, Danica regularly imparts her insights at industry conferences, mentoring aspiring professionals. Her work transcends mere profession; it's a passion for shaping narratives that drive change and foster meaningful connections across continents.

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Ross Dwyer

Mad Hatter Films & Do Good Studio 

Ross founded Mad Hatter Films in 2020 for one sole reason, a love of telling stories.

As things grew, and Mad Hatter expanded into video marketing, a new arm of the company was born. Enter Do Good Studios, focussed on helping people establish credibility, trust and reputation, so that they can become an authority in their space, using the power of video content.

Ross and his team are responsible for all of our amazing content - and cannot wait to help you make incredible videos.

Ross is our go to Expert in everything video. 

Lyubo Kuchuk


Lyubo is an efficiency and outsourcing expert with 20+ years of experience in Mars, Burger King, DHL, THE ICONIC.
He improved call center operations for major brands in Eastern Europe and Asia, managing over 700 agents in C-level roles across continents.

Lyubo has launched RemoStaff, a company that revolutionizes outsourcing, offering unparalleled benefits of Time and Freedom. He is an expert in providing offshore Virtual Assistants and other cost-effective remote experts.

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