This course is for the GAME CHANGERS.
This course WILL change everything about you and your business.
You WILL be positioned as the go to expert in your industry.
We WILL work together looking at everything from the basics and all the way through to getting your international best selling book and podcast launched.
In just 12 weeks.

This course is for people who wants maximum viability to make a greater impact and to make more money.
This course is for the people who want to dominate 2020.
This course is for the person who needs to start a podcast, write a book and wants to get paid to speak from stage.
This course will give you the right training tools, at the right time and in an order that will make all this manageable

Are you ready to be a GAME CHANGER?


WEEK 1 – Introduction to the Program and Powerful Goal Setting Practices for you and your business
WEEK 2 – Identify and craft your Client Avatars and perfect your Elevator Pitch
WEEK 3 – Craft an in-depth Social Media Strategy with Jemimah.
Bonus additional video on Creating a Facebook Group with Marketing Expert Alan Howle
WEEK 4 – Website Design for every type of business with Website Expert Matt Brickwood
WEEK 5 – The importance f the Sum of 5 People
WEEK 6 – Creating a Personal Brand with a specific focus on logos, Hex and Font
WEEK 7 – Branding Expended including Music, Clothing and Language.
Bonus additional video on the importance of branding headshots with Expert Photographer with Karen Merry.
WEEK 8 – Starting Your Own Podcast. Bonus additional video on Virtual Assistants with Expert VA Sam McFarlane.
WEEK 9 – Get Media Opportunities and PR Build your CRM with Expert Tim Hyde
WEEK 10 – Build Your Speaking Career and getting paid to speak.
WEEK 11 – Blueprinting and writing your book
WEEK 12 – Recap, Refresh and LET’S GO!


Want to make massive impact in a short period of time
Have a strong plan and commitment to their business and have massive goals in business. This is not for the small players.
Want to be known as the ‘go-to’ people in their industry and business services and have a higher profile in their industry
Have the ability to grow and scale their business to six figures



Weekly training from Jemimah Ashleigh and other experts delivered straight to your inbox

Game Changers Worksheets

One on One Business Blueprint training with Jemimah Ashleigh and monthly touch ins with Jemimah

Full Q&A access to Jemimah Ashleigh for any questions or clarifications for how to directly implement into your business

Added bonuses

A copy of to Jemimah Ashleigh’s book, ‘Position Me’ – your choice of digital, audio or hard copy

A complementary and plus one invitation to any event in the city of your choice

First access to Who Run The World with Jemimah, Laura Petersen and Alecia May.

The RRP for all this booty is $7454.

Price: ONLY $597




This was everything that I needed in a program and much much more. Jemimah and the other expert explained everything clearly and precisely. The worksheets were incredibly helpful and I had full and complete coaching support without a ridiculous price tag. Thank you so much for this.

— Adam James, F45 GYM OWNER