Jemimah ashleigh tv

Jemimah in collaboration with Lara Sinclair Productions has created a behind the scenes snapshot of her life and how you need to do the work. You can find more on her channel over at JA TV. 

You Have To Do The work

This is how it’s done. The work, the behind the scenes, the alignment and the hustle all comes down to this. You have to do the work. 


“No dress rehearsals, you get one time. That’s it.”

I left my role as an analyst in law enforcement and built a career in entrepreneurship. I justified my decision to everyone, I kept trying to soften this to everyone. The truth was: I wasn’t living the life I wanted and a life I was passionate about. There are no dress rehearsals. What life do you want to lead?

want a ledge to jump off? 


I woke up with no memory of the night before, vomit in my hair and an award in my inbox. I didn’t like who I am It was a hard road back to finding my authentic self. I know a thing or two about making mistakes. I had to change my life, so I did.