Mass Exposure Formula

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Welcome to the Mass Exposure Program – the program that is going to help you get massive exposure, teach you how to communicate your expertise and get featured on podcasts, TV and featured in media. This program is designed to add $5000 worth of exposure opportunities to your bottom line.

The Mass Exposure Formula is SIMPLE

1.       SELF
3.       NETWORK
4.       SOCIALS
5.       PR AND MEDIA

It is very simple. You are good at what you do but you are having difficulty getting your message to the right people. You know you are onto a good thing. You are getting results with your clients, but not enough people know about you to make the kind of impact you really want to make.

Does this sound familiar? Then you have come to the right place.

Over the past 3 years, we have helped hundreds of amazing individuals get thousands of speaking engagements, podcast interviews and featured in media outlet magazines including Marie Clare and The Australian and all the way through to Channel 9 and all the way to Los Angeles NBC.

Now it’s your turn!

Who Is Mass Exposure Formula For?

The Mass Exposure Formula is our family, our tribe and we are very particular on who we let in.
The opportunities & the doors that will get opened are huge for the right people.

So we are looking for:

Coaches, Consultants & Professional Service Businesses that have a good business and want to make it better and bigger.
People who can handle a consistent flow of warm leads and referrals each week.
People who want to grow and create a bigger business.
People who are coachable and willing to do things differently
People who will take action quickly and implement the systems.

the mass exposure formula promise

We will add $5,000 per month of exposure opportunities per month, or we will refund your money and continue to work with you for free until we do.

A CLASSIC BRAG BAR.  All of these media outlets have helped share my message.

All of these media outlets have helped share my message.