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If you need a fun, entertaining business event speaker, Jemimah Ashleigh can do it. She’s brought her charm, wit, and entertaining style to a host of events including leadership conferences, entrepreneur forums and the corporate boardroom. Jemimah has spoken all over Australia, the United States, Canada, Indonesia and Jemimah will be speaking internationally to Los Angeles, USA and South Africa. 

She has taken the stage with the likes of;
Senior Adviser to Barrack Obama Valarie Jarratt
Co-Founder of Make A Wish Foundation Frank Shankowitz
Australian Journalist and Media Powerhouse Ida Buttrose

She has interviewed the likes of Leanne Kemp from blockchain innovator Everledger
Media iconoclast Tracey Spicer, creator of Thankyou. Daniel Flynn and congress nominee Lisa Song Sutton.

She’ll keep the energy high and the event on track.

Her favourite topics are, of course, the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, but she can also speak on her own career and the lessons it taught, her life experiences and personal struggles, especially what she learned about self-care, the nuts and bolts of social media marketing, and pretty much anything else you can think of about business and life in general.

She can also just make you laugh.

Jemimah, in her ongoing quest to try new adventures, had a crack at comedy and improv to strengthen her abilities in sales, but it turned out she was good at it, and now it’s part of her varied repertoire.


A few of Jemimah’s speaking topics



the entrepreneur’s journey 

As the author of “Position Me’, Jemimah is uniquely equipped to talk about the challenges facing entrepreneurs in 2020.

Get the insights and wisdom that formed the book, straight from the authors mouth!

This talk is everything you need to know about positioning yourself as a go to expert.



In 2015, Jemimah had her first panic attack and spent the next six months rebuilding her life. 

From the rubble Jemimah has come out stronger and an advocate for self care and ensuring business owners take care of themselves to prevent burn out. 


how to market your authenticity

Nicknamed the “Business Real” Entrepreneur by Sunrise’s Kochie, Jemimah has powerful and practical wisdom around the skills needed to market yourself authentically in the digital age we live in.

A no-BS, warts-and-all approach to online and off-line marketing will help you stand up and stand out.




Chad Barnier The Personal Brand Expert.png

Jemimah is the embodiment of wow. In a digital age, where words like “substance”, “quality”, and “value” seem like buzz words or distant memories of pre-internet customer service, Jemimah is one of the few people who actually live and breathe them. Like King Midas, her enthusiasm and no-bullshit attitude towards business and relationships are infectious and laden with gold. Every interaction with Jemimah is rewarding and if people are defined by the company they keep, then I am to be judged well.

— Chad Barnier, The Personal Brand Expert


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