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Ah, millennials… riddles wrapped in a mystery. Or at least that’s how it feels trying to market to them. Their loyalty is mercurial, their tastes fickle, and the minute they feel they’re being marketed to they shut up shop quicker than a startled echidna.

But there is a way into their wily hearts and it really is at your fingertips. Social. Media. If your social is not on fleek then you need to get busy.

According to Kantar TNS Research, the average millennial (aged 16-30) with internet access, spends 3.1 hours a day on their mobile devices – the equivalent of 21.7 hours – almost a whole day – every week. That’s 47 days over the course of a year. Forty seven days!

And these folks are listening to someone – you need to jump on board and wring the hell out of that opportunity.

The importance of influence

Using relevant key influencers, especially when it comes to Instagram, is way up there in terms of importance. People scouring, following and interacting on Insta are going to be swayed by what their favourite people are doing, saying and buying. Do not be scared to approach your chosen influencer with the idea of getting them to help you spread the word.

But don’t jump blindly into thinking someone with 1.5 million followers is definitely your best bet – check out their engagement stats before you send off anything. Someone with a lower number of followers, say 5,000, but an engagement rate of 30 per cent is a much better bet than your 1.5 million follower influencer who can only dredge up 0.2 per cent engagement. Hate to point this out, but your mother was right – always look for quality over quantity. Don’t you just detest it when that happens?

Your more micro influencers are also less likely to want cold, hard cash for their blessings, but it doesn’t hurt to offer a little somethin’ somethin’. Always, and I mean always, offer your product or service for free to them and make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to expectations of how many posts, links you’d like in their bio and so on.

Choose your weapon

Now here’s a thing: guess which social platform millennials jump onto first thing when they wake up?

Insta? Nah.
Facebook? Nope.
Snapchat? Bingo!

If you want to reach your M peeps, then you’d best get snappy about it! Millennials account for seven out of 10 Snapchatters. If you can afford to walk away from a platform 70 per cent of your target market is sitting on, well you’re a bigger (wo)man than me.

So you have a beautiful website? Hate to break this to you – well, no, actually I don’t, it’s my job – but unless you are spruiking a link to your website through social media, millennials ain’t going to visit. They get their online cues from social platforms and don’t just do random searches. That was so yesterday. They buy through Insta and Facebook, and they are heavily influenced through Snapchat. Having a website without social media drivers to it is the same giving a bicycle to a fish. You get my drift.

Final word

You need to incorporate your brand seamlessly into the social world these millennials inhabit. Straight up advertising doesn’t work with them; you’ll be ignored and, at worse, slammed by them. Just ask Kendall Jenner.

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