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Making coffee meetings effective

This article was originally posted in Inside Small Business. 

After what feels long week of hustling, there is no better feeling than waking up and knowing its Friday. With Fridays come meetings and with meetings come…COFFEE. By this time of the week your body is starting to tire, and this can sometimes make you lose track of your focus.

If you’re in need of a little pick-me-up Friday boost using these four tips will help you achieve the most work effectively out of not only your day but your Friday meetings.

1 Make a healthy start – Starting your day with a healthy option boosts your mood and energy. Why not start your meeting off at a healthy or raw café where you’ll inadvertently order a healthier option. Whether your meeting is in the morning or afternoon, a light and healthy option won’t leave you feeling tired or sluggish during your meeting, and will help you keep your full attention.

2 Set a time frame – A coffee or lunch meeting can blow out of time very quickly. That quick one-hour meeting can easily turn into two hours. When you are on a busy schedule it is very important to manage your time effectively. Setting a time expectation with your client such as, “I only have 45 minutes today, thanks for meeting with me.” This will set the tone of your meeting and let your party know you mean business and only have short time period to stay.

3 Know your worth – If people are “kicking the can” with meeting you regularly you need to shut it down. You need to understand that your time is just a valuable as their’s. If this constantly is happening you should insist on payment prior to meeting them.

4 What’s your deal – Finally, know and understand why you are there. Ask in advance, understand what is requested of you and make the decision on whether this is something you are interested in. Use your research to decide the time you will spend and, of course, your desire to attend.


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