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Canberra’s New International Best Selling Author, Jemimah Ashleigh

This article was originally published in RiotAct.

Canberra author and entrepreneur, Jemimah Ashleigh, recently hit the top of Amazon’s best-selling author list in less than two hours on the day of the release of her new book, Position Me. By no means an easy feat, Position Me beat other titles written by internationally-renowned authors like Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuk to gain the number one position.

Jemimah Ashleigh was recognised as one of Australia’s top ten female entrepreneurs this year. When she’s not out claiming national titles, she is busy conquering the world as an international keynote speaker and MC and a global thought leader in over 70 countries, with a reach of 6.3 million through social media and podcasting.

Jemimah’s inaugural book, Position Me steers clear of the tacky portrayal of entrepreneurship deployed by several business gurus, with flashy sports cars and mansions. In Position Me, Jemimah gives backstage access into what it really takes to build a successful business. She delves into her direct and personal experience of creating three successful businesses and becoming an award-winning entrepreneur. In it, she opens up about the reality of it all with some hard-hitting truths of what actually needs to happen in order for wealth to flow in and stay. From the conception of ideas to knowing your customer, self-care, working from home, and some uncomfortable truths about success, Jemimah lays down the path to building a sustainable business.

The book launch for Position Me happened last week at the prestigious Swan & Kingcocktail bar. The event was graced by many of Canberra’s business community members. At the launch, Jemimah spoke about how in the book, she has given her greatest lessons and insights into personal branding, making yourself an expert, getting yourself known and positioning yourself in the market.

Position Me is available here.

You can find Jemimah here.

Facebook: Jemimah Ashleigh – Entrepreneur

Instagram: @jemimahashleigh

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