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So I’m in Queensland and I’m sleeping on a friends blow up mattress. It’s been raining and its humid and my hair look like a woolly alpaca and it’s the best thing I could have done for myself.

If I’m honest, I’ve been having a rough few weeks. A lot of things are moving and a lot of things are changing and I feel like all I am doing is waiting. I’m waiting for divorce papers, waiting for administrative things to happen, waiting to move into my new house, waiting for my phone to ring… and I was straight up doing my own head in.

So within 11 hours I went from ‘UGH’ to ‘QLD’.

And that’s what I want to talk about – this idea of saying YES, PLEASE.

My friend and I are texting and she says ‘Oh just come up here!’ I stared at my phone for a bit. I would have to book a flight, pack a bag, how would I get to the airport… the questions started in my head and were rudely interrupted when she said ‘Come here, chill out, we have wine and ocean.’

My response? ‘YES PLEASE.’

I’ve been here for the past 24 hours. I’ve been in a hot tub, a pool, the ocean, eaten carbs and drank a solid 2 bottles of wine by myself and seen some of my favourite people.

Sure, the option to stay home was easier.

I didn’t need to put pants on, I didn’t have to pack, I didn’t need to be on a Jetstar flight.

But it wouldn’t have been better.  

There are things that present themselves every single day to you and our default is to say no because it’s easier.

My question to you is this – what happens if for one week, we just said yes to the opportunities that presented themselves. What if we stopped all the thinking of how it could go wrong and just saw that it could go right?

So I leave you with this challenge and would LOVE to hear if you do something with it.

I’ve gotta run. I’ve got a date with a beautiful friend who wants to pick me up and take me somewhere fancy for dinner.


J xx

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