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Cool Girls Club Interview – Chloe

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I asked Jemimah Ashleigh, a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author and expert in helping entrepreneurs get massive exposure, about her journey. What is the number one thing she recommends when starting a business, how to brand yourself, and how she dealt with the nay-sayers.

Jemimah went from 10 years in Law Enforcement to starting a jewellery business which went so well people started asking her about business, she created a podcast about business and that sky-rocketed too, she is now a speaker and coaching and teaching people how to get massive exposure for their business.

She has been named one of Australia’s Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs and a Woman to Watch in 2019. She has also won and been nominated for countless awards including for the Australian Small Business Champion, New Business of the Year 2019, Canberra Business Excellence Awards, Telstra Women in Business Awards, and Australian Leadership Awards.

Jemimah recommends reading: “Bossy pants” by Tina Fey – link: Find out more about Jemimah:

Read Jemimah’s Best Selling Book on Amazon “Position Me” – Link:


Hey everyone and welcome to my channel! My name is ChloΓ© and I am a Women’s Mentor and founder of COOL GIRLS CLUB. I specialise in helping women get very clear on what their dreams are, what they want to do in life, whether in their career or in their personal life, and I support them with implementation: turning their dreams into reality. I believe that when we go for what we love, everyone benefits. COOL GIRLS CLUB is a global network of women who have found their purpose and are living their dreams and on this channel you will find video interviews with inspiring women from very diverse backgrounds, whom I have chosen BECAUSE they are living their purpose. These will give you great insights on what it takes to find purpose and live your dreams. I will also be posting some of my coaching tips, tools, exercises and lessons to empower you, so you can start finding your purpose and turning your dreams into reality NOW! Plus, I will add some personal videos to spice things up a bit! I hope you enjoy this channel! Please support, like, share and SUBSCRIBE!

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