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Into the Unknown

Into The Unknown

I’m not thrilled that a lot of my life lessons are coming from steaming services but once again, it’s still lockdown and this is where we are.  

I should also preface this with a Trigger Warning that I will be discussing the movie Frozen 2. It’s a hard topic for most parents or very good Aunts and Uncles out there because they have had to watch it 2 million times, but its what we are discussing.

Today I want to talk about the little voice inside that has been keeping me awake.  

In November of 2019, I found myself in Los Angeles inside the Disney studios with actual Disney staff who worked on the movie at the Premier viewing of Frozen 2. It’s a long story of how I got there but LA is simply who you know and my friends are honestly the best.

At the time I felt extremely emotional watching the movie which I chalked up to the magic of Disney and this being the end of the trip however recently I was watching Frozen 2 with my niece. And damn, did it over deliver again.  

If you haven’t seen it, the cliff notes are Elsa – the lady who sang Let It Go and drove us all insane for a few years there – took up her reign as the Ice Princess and running her country but can now hear a voice that turns out to be her life calling. She spends the first part struggling with this voice that only her can hear.

And girl…. SAME.

For many of us that have ‘that voice’, it can make very little sense to people around us. It’s the reason we start businesses, move countries, learn Italian, take up a new hobby – this voice is the reason we do a lot of things that just simply don’t make sense to people. My voice was well and truly screaming at me in 2020 as I came home and was looking at relocating abroad.

But my voice, just like everyone else’s, suddenly became muffled and drowned out because of the world we were in. Australia watched as bushfires enveloped our home followed shortly by the  global pandemic that took the lives of millions – my voice had to take a backseat.

As it went quiet, I settled in Melbourne into 18 months of lockdowns, restrictions and a very quiet few years. As I didn’t hear from the voice, I was able to chalk it up to healing and getting through a divorce, being happy where it was and being content…

But then something recently changed. Qantas started talking about flights and borders opening and on the same day my 9 year old niece asked to watch Frozen 2 with me (via Zoom, everyone was distanced.)

The sobbing happened again as I watched Elsa tackle with the idea of what you SHOULD do and what you are being CALLED to do.

And girl… SAME.

In the wake of these last few years of course voices had to take a back seat because what we want and what we could have were totally different from each other but with the world getting some ‘normalcy’ back, the muffled voice became a catchy tune over the last few weeks.

I found myself bumping into ideas and looking at the home I love and wondering if it was time for the next chapter. I’ve made the absolute best of a challenging few years and done it with a smile but right now – I want to make choices for me.

This week I was not also overly surprised to hear from my clients had has similar shifts and were making plans outside of their current situations.

While I’m still in lockdown until the end of the year and my voice and I haven’t unpacked completely what I truly want but the good news is that we can start thinking about the things we want external from where we are.

So my question to you my lovely reader, do you know what I mean about a voice or have you seen Frozen so many times you just want to murder me for writing this?

While no decisions need to be made now, I just want to say without hope or agenda – Amalfi Coast, I’m looking at you.

(Editors note: As I was writing this, a 6.0 earthquake happened across Victoria so the adventure continues. 2021, you are keeping it spicy!)

If you are so inclined, you can listen to the song here. Idina Menzel, AURORA – Into the Unknown (From “Frozen 2”) – YouTube

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