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Things I’m Keeping Post Pandemic

Tomorrow at 6pm Melbourne’s terrible record of World’s Longest Lockdown will, hopefully, forever come to an end and like all Melbourne people right now – I have mixed feelings about this.

I’m excited to come back to normal and to have some freedom but equally – we adapted to the situations we were in now that seems like almost too much freedom?


Is no one supervising me anymore? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

I digress.

While there are many things I’d like to leave forever in isolation including but not limited to; crying more than usual, my pants being a bit too snug, my diet which is now about 80% bread… There has been some really positive things. These are the things I want to take with me out of the pandemic. 

1.       Savouring the little things
When we’ve had breaks in lockdowns (or as I have been referring to it, snap ‘re-opens’) I have found joy in the little things. The tiny human interactions of day to day. Asking the barista what type of muffin they recommend. Being in a room with more than two people.
Sitting in a café and ordering from a menu.
Hugging someone just a few seconds longer.
I will enjoy little liberties on a daily basis because they are joyful and fun.

2.       I won’t overcommit anymore
This is something I am incredibly skilled in doing and it’s never served me well. I’m the person who made phone calls and Zooms in the back of Ubers to things I was already late for. I get my nails done and read drafts of press releases for clients.
Thinking I need to be out of the house for 12 hours a day.

While I am looking forward to adding maybe a few things to my calendar – like seeing my friends, actually being able to travel more than 5km from my house and sitting in a café (I know this has made the list a few things but it turns out I missed a lot of food based things).
I will be taking my stretchy pants love of naps and sitting in the sun reading with me moving forward. I have loved not setting an alarm and making my mornings sacred.

And honestly – my business and life have flourished because for it.

3.       I’ll remember time will pass either way
Easy or not to hear, time will pass either way.
Part of me owes myself an apology for pushing myself to do things in an incredibly stressful situation. Part of me wishes I had written a third or fourth book.
I will remember that time will pass either way and my habits shape that time. But time is going to pass either way.

4.       I’ll buy from small businesses more

I saw my mailman more than I saw anyone else during cv19. Seriously, Mike – if you did end up subscribing – hello. Thanks for being here.
I became a convert to online shopping during the pandemic and from buying from small businesses. They needed the money and the products were generally always amazing. Same goes for Christmas.

5.       I will forget
As we all now know clear as anything- humans adapt under every circumstance. I know that I will adapt to the new normal. I will overcommit. I’ll cancel appointments and try to do too much. I will forget about my isolation times and have days that are rushed. Because as humans that is what we do – we adapt and I will to so in all likelihood – I probably will forget everything that I’ve written above but I’m going to try really hard not to.

Happy Freedom Day Melbourne.

I love you and so proud of everyone here.

JA x

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