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The Biggest Lessons I learnt from the Bali Business Personal Retreat 2024

I’ve spent the last 3 weeks on the tropical paradise of Bali. I have a long-standing history with this Island – I’ve lived there on and off for years, I speak Indonesian from my past life in law enforcement and it is where every massive shift on my life has happened.

So naturally, every year I take a bunch of people there on a business personal retreat.

If you haven’t been Bali, she is magic. It is a place for transformation, purification and a place that can elevate your entire life if you let her. Scientifically, it’s volcanic rock on top of crystal beds and sitting below one of the biggest conversions of dozens of tectonic plates. In a woo woo sense, it’s the vibe.

This were my biggest lessons from this retreat.

1. The more advanced the group, the more advanced the problems

This group was unlike any other group we had. They were far more established business owners, far more successful but with that came different problems.

This group needed deeper connection – and real connection. This was less about the monkeys and pretty waterfalls – and more about the real conversation, really big business plans and big expectations.

2. Bali belly doesn’t’ give a f**k you’re running a retreat

Shout out to Dr Ari who came out at 1.30am to inject someone in the bottom who had been unwell for a few hours and cracked a fever. This was a first for us and I’d never seen it before.

(Note: I would need to call the same doctor for me about a week later for me– I cannot recommend enough if you ever get unwell there. A chicken sandwich took me down. 0/10)

3. My Indonesian isn’t as rusty as I thought and it’s fun listening to the shop owners talk some s***t about you.

4. “I’m not your friend right now – I am your coach.”

One of the things that happens when you run retreats is sometimes your friends sign up to come. They were all business owners but these were people who know me personally. One of them went to my wedding.

The other had a key to my house, regularly ate my food and just a day before I went white water rafting with her– and suddenly I’m not that ‘friend’ anymore.

For them to be seen and supported and get the type of result they expected – for that week – I wasn’t their friend, I was their coach. Still ‘friendly’ but I was going to push a bit harder and have harder conversations.

This was a big shift for everyone involved. But ultimately we saw bigger results, big shifts in mindset and much more successful changes very quickly.

5. What people came for wasn’t what they left with.

This is one of Bali’s tricky things – you think you’re here to build a business? Hilarious. You are now here to figure out if you want to stay in your marriage. You think you’re here to write a book? LOL. You are now here to confront that you hate the business you’ve created.

I try to prewarn people about this and everyone laughs.

AND THEN IT HAPPENS. Bali magic is that you can no longer ignore the things you can no longer afford to ignore.

The good news is we know it’s going to happen.

The better news is that everyone goes through the same thing and I am proud to say after six days – everyone left recharged, with a set plan and an amazing course of action to change their lives.

The above advice isn’t just for the participants. Michelle, my organiser and myself also can’t ignore the things that happen for us. SO WITH THAT BEING SAID…

6. If you keep hearing the same advice – start paying attention.

This retreat I had the opportunity to meet a Balinese psychic, a High Priestess and a traditional Bali Healer (think Eat Pray Love style) over the course of the weeks I was there. Every single one of them gave me the same piece of advice.

“You need to trust yourself more.”
“Why don’t you trust yourself?”
“You’ve always known what you need to do.”

I am proud to say that my own stuff bubbled up very quickly and I am now trusting myself. Watch this space.

7. “Hold it tightly and loosely.”
This is advice that came up again and again for our participants. You need to tightly hold the idea so you don’t lose it – but also loosely enough that it can change. You need to be driven for it but not also force it.

8. Even after six years, this is still one of the most rewarding experiences.

In my bones, I know I am here to help people grown on their life and business journey and I love that I get to do that. This time of year is one of my favourites because I can see it in real time.

Are you interested in attending our 2025 Bali Retreat? Find out more here.

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