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How a VA can help you achieve better positioning

This is a guest blog from VA extraordinaire Rosie Shilo from Virtually Yours.

When we are running a business, managing families, trying to keep up with the constant changes in our lives it can be no wonder that the thought of then trying to position yourself as a leader in your industry, the go-to person, the one with the know-how, can feel a bit out of reach. When would you have time to source events to attend or even speak at, how could you turn your amazing thoughts into a book and how could you work out ways to better leverage your time with amazing referral teams when you can’t even manage to get your BAS in on time?

One thing I love about the Virtual Assistant Industry is that as technology has advanced, so has the number of services that can fall under this classification. And that’s great because no longer do we need to have onsite staff designing our materials, writing our collateral, answering the phones, sourcing opportunities and of course, completing our BAS. We can build our teams now by bringing in contractors with the skills we need, providing those services virtually, when we need them.

So how can a Virtual Assistant help you achieve better positioning?

Well there are two ways.

Firstly, by freeing up your time and headspace to take action on those amazing opportunities that strengthen your business and reputation. When you’re working on things in your business that aren’t helping you be seen, helping you connect and communicate, you are wasting valuable time. Only you can be the face of your business. But anyone with the skills and a good ethics match for your business can work on things behind the scenes.

Secondly, there are VAs who are incredible at helping source speaking, guest blogging, guest podcasting or networking opportunities for you. Not only that but they can also do all the leg work to set them up and then distribute and repurpose that content for you! So you just need to hone your message, show up, make an impact and have fun!

Before sourcing a Virtual Assistant though, remember to always work out where you want to go with your business and what impact you se your VA as having on that journey. Are they going to be working on activities that help you generate more money, more leverage, more time or more exposure? All of the above? Be clear on what the goals are so you can measure your success along the journey. And be sure to communicate those goals with your team. Together you can achieve some pretty awesome stuff!

If you’re ready to find a great VA (or two or three) visit for resources and to submit a request for support.


About Rosie Shilo

As the owner of Virtually Yours, Rosie has inspired and mentored hundreds of VAs to run their own successful businesses. As a true advocate for the industry, Rosie not only guides VAs to deliver exceptional client services, but also works with business owners to show how they can benefit from using a VA. Affectionately known as ‘The Awesome Mother Duck’, Rosie has fast become the go-to chick in the virtual assistant industry.

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