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Five ways to get ahead as an entrepreneur in 2019

2019 could be your year if that’s what you are willing to work towards. We are in that delicious sweet spot where we have some time before business really kicks off again and to my entrepreneurs out there, I want to ask “what do you want for 2019?”

1. Get intentional and be real about it

What are you trying to achieve in 2019? What milestones do you need to hit? In the next 12 months, you should have some goals and if those goals don’t scare you – they are not big enough.

Reverse engineer into quarter blocks. Also, I want you to look at yourself. Is entrepreneurship something that you actually want to do? Because I get it, it looks sexy as hell from the outside, but it’s a difficult journey. This is going to be difficult, it’s going to be hard and do you actually have what it takes in you?

2. Position yourself

Once you have some goals, the next question is how do you position yourself. What do you want to be known for? When someone thinks of you what should they be thinking about? Every decision you make, every blog post, every single thing should be predicated about the goal and about how you want to position yourself.

3. Find your tribe

This comes down to the simple idea that you have to be in the room. If you want to be playing with the high rollers, you need to in that room.

So what conferences do you need to attend? What networking groups do you need to do? Who do you want to mentor you? Find your tribe and get in that room.

4. Know what you need to do

As entrepreneurs, we find it hard to acknowledge that maybe we don’t have all the skills we need, so here is my advice. You have only one life, so stop doing shit you don’t want to do.

Outsource, get a Virtual Assistant and focus on doing the work you LOVE.

5. Do the work and be patient

I won’t lie to you guys, this is going to be super difficult and it will be hard work pretty much all the time. There are no shortcuts here. This isn’t luck. This is nose to the grindstone. This is hard work every single day.

And be patient. Overnight successes take at least 10 years.

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