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We’re All Ears Interview Series: Position Yourself For Success With Jemimah Ashleigh

Position Yourself For Maximum Visibility & Success

Who is Jemimah Ashleigh?

Jemimah Ashleigh is an expert at positioning brands to shine online.  She provides coaching, mastermind programs, and trainings to help entrepreneurs and small businesses best position themselves to be seen as the experts they are.  She recently published her book “Position Me,” and is a leading podcaster and marketing expert in Australia.  

Golden Nuggets From Our Conversation:

  • “Success is not finite.  We’ve bought into this idea that we’re in competition with everybody and it’s simply not true.” Make a mindset shift that you aren’t in competition with anyone else.

  • Bring gratitude for what we have first as you grow your business.

  • We can’t change things unless we do the work.  Have less arguments, and just go out and do your job.  “The more time I spend fighting with someone about how I have equal value to them professionally, the less time I have to work on my business.”  You don’t have to justify yourself to anyone.  Go prove them wrong instead; that’s the sweetest revenge.  “Just do the work.” 

  • When they tell you that you can’t do something, go do it twice and take photos.

  • Be careful who you allow yourself to listen to.  

  • “Building online authority isn’t difficult, but you have to be super consistent.”

  • Host a podcast.  Write a blog.  Create videos.  Do as many interviews as you can.  Any opportunity you have to speak on stage gives you instant authority.  All of these things help build you authority with your audience.  

  • Authority building is in many ways a numbers game.  

  • “Your network will be your net worth.”

  • Answer questions your audience is actually asking.  This is a great way to create content.  

  • If you are the best at your specialty, you should never have to literally say that.  It should be implied by the work you produce.  

  • Release new content every single day.  There’s never been such an amazing time in history where you can learn and share knowledge over the Internet.  

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