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I’m going to be honest, the word coach has REALLY taken a hit in the last few years. With every second person claiming to be a coach and saying they can help you, it can be a little overwhelming to establish who is great at what they do and who is selling snake oil. So I created this handy little guide if you are looking at working with a business coach.

1.       They haven’t achieved what you want to do
Let me tell you a story about ‘Cathy’. It’s not her name but you get the idea. Cathy tells me she is interested in business coaching but she is scared of coaching because the last person that coached her didn’t get the results she wanted.
I’ve heard at least 50 ‘Cathys’ tell me this. My questions are always the same.
‘Are they a full time business coach and how many clients are currently on their books?’
Cathy: No and I don’t know
Me: What does she do fulltime?
Cathy: She works at a supermarket.

Well Cathy, I can’t say I’m not surprised. Here is the REALLY hard truth – this was a bad call from you. And I’m sorry that happened but you need to have a coach that has done MORE than you, had to have achieved what you aim to do and can therefore show you how to do it.

2.       You didn’t ask them how much they earned coaching
Seriously. People should be asking this. And coaches, get ready. You can’t coach someone to six figures if you haven’t done.

3.       You didn’t ask for references from clients.
Unless they are a coach in training and are required to do coaching hours, your potential business coach needs to have had some clients and have to have had some success.

I ask all my clients for reviews and for feedback for the very simple reason is that if they say good things, I can say that to OTHER PEOPLE. It gives third part validation. What a concept.
I’d go as far as for asking for phone or email of previous clients so you can establish the important things like how accessible they are, what benefits the previous client had and most importantly – you can ask any questions you like!

4.       You didn’t ask how it was going to work!
How often will we be connecting? How will I get assistance from you if I have questions?
Does coaching happen one of one or in in a group session? Do you do coaching in person or via Zoom or Skype?

These are all VITAL questions to be asking. Good coaches know the answer to all of these and have different programs depending on what you need.

5.       You were never their avatar.
Any decent coach will only help if they can help you. One of the first reasons I meet with people is to make sure we are a good fit and that you have a problem I can actually solve.
I have an array of coaches I work with who I refer clients who I can’t help. It’s not fair to them and it’s even harder for me to try to play catch up. It is sloppy, it’s messy and I’d really prefer to do what I love and I am good at.

I could write a genuine 20 other things you need to look out for, but mostly you need to do your due diligence. It is your business and totally your responsibility. You need to ask questions, sit with your gut feeling and really make sure you are working with the right people. Good luck!

JA x
If you are interested in coaching and not 100% sure where to start, a good place is to jump on a completely free 25 Minute call where we can have a chat and see what you might need. No obligations – just a genuine chat and some help if you need.

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