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You’re good at what you do. I know that. You wouldn’t be reading this email if you weren’t.
I tend to bring the ambitious people around me who want the same as me – world domination.

The thing that I see and time again is that we don’t do a good job of positioning ourselves as an expert. I’m so passionate about positioning yourself, I legit wrote the book on it.
I think some people mistake this as gloating or ‘selling’ themselves but very simply, it’s just documenting what you are already doing!

So what can we do to MAKE yourselves the expert – speaking from stage, writing a book, getting a TV deal – or how about you just document your journey? Show is what you are already doing without publicising it.

This can sound a little washy so I’ll use myself as an example.
While I was writing my book Position Me, I would share regularly photos of me writing my book, word counts, more writing of my book, swearing about my book, mock cover photos… and you know what happened? When it was released, it was #1 worldwide in under 26 minutes.
Did every single person go and read the book? I’d like to think so, but I also know the statistic that as consumers only read about 20% of the books we purchase. But they did, because they were invested in the story of me writing my book and they were invested in me and wanted to support it.

I was already writing the book, I just told everyone about it and got them invested.

There is my number one hack for today.

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