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How to Tackle Your PR Like An Expert

A few months ago, I was cold call approached about being featured on the front cover of a magazine. I would get 10 copies and a digital cover and I would be a featured story. The woman on the other end of the phone said ‘we could easily charge $20,000 for this but we are only asking for $10,000.’

Hard. Fucking. Pass.

The biggest problem I have with this, is just so disingenuous. This wasn’t an ode to my talent or to my skills. It was me paying for real estate in someone else’s magazine and purporting that I was amazing. I am great at what I do but this was straight up bologna.

I don’t blame the women for jumping at the opportunity. In a career sense when you don’t know how to do it yourself, it makes a lot of sense.  I hope they recouped their costs and it was financially beneficial to them.

But it did make me do some research. You can buy most any magazine cover for around $100,000. Some international ones are $250,000. You can even buy an award or title in some extremely magazines for $5000.

In the three months following this phone call, I’ve been interviewed probably 20 times. I’ve done about 10 guest blogs. I’ve been in three mainstream media outlets all by following these simple steps.

1.       Make what you are talking about interesting

What is different about what you are doing and how does it different from had previously been done or pitched? Whatever your idea is, make sure it has a new element and that it’s ground breaking for you or for people around you.

This becomes important as you grow into your field because distractions are real.
Is what you are pitching in line with your expertise and what you want to focus on moving forward in business?  

3.       Cold Emailing is fine but make it relevant
There is nothing wrong with cold emailing and pitching but you need to make sure it’s relevant. There is zero point of pitching your cooking blog to a motorcycle magazine.
Make sure it’s relevant to the audience of the blog or magazine and discuss the benefit to the reader.

4.       Guest Blog
Similar to the above Guest blogging allows you to speak to other people’s networks and showcase your expertise to your avatar.

5.        Join Sourcebottle
It has dozens of free media pitches daily and people wanted. Again, only take the ones who showcase your expertise. Do not get distracted.

6.       Get a Media Kit and a Press Release
These are the ‘above and beyond’ that other people are unlikely to do. These give everything you need about you, your business and your reach in a few page document. This will change your life.

7.       Promote yourself ALL THE TIME.
Document your journey. Tell people what you are up too. Tell them about the grind. Natural PR is an amazing thing when you are doing what you love.

I hope this helps you in your journey and saves you some cash in the long run. You got this.

JA x

Need help with any of this? I get it. Make an appointment here for some free tips and pointers on where to start.  




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