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Where is your Focus?

I’ve been on the road for just over three months now.

Hawaii. San Francisco. Big Sur. Lake Tahoe. Yosemite. San Diego. Santa Cruz. Austin. Dallas. Los Angeles. Vancouver.

I’d like to also add that I write this on a 8.30am BC ferry in the middle of Horseshoe Bay, Vancouver because I’m going to my Aunts for Canadian Thanksgiving. (Side note: not 100% what this is, but it’s something about a harvest. I’m very excited about it – and promise to update everyone once I get

I have three dozen emails that need attention and the Wifi keeps cutting in and out so I’m settling on what I’ve been avoiding – writing a blog.

Here is the thing though. I love writing – usually. I’ve published a book and I’ve finished number two but right now, I’m finding it really difficult. Before I explain why I’m finding it difficult, let me tell you more about my aunty Zoe’s place. It’s on Vancouver Island, just on the shore line and it is the embodiment of everything good and wholesome about Canada. The house has water frontage and has an actual forest in the backyard. It has walking trails, an open fire place and the most beautiful garden. It is full of hugs, sweaters and home cooked meals. I messaged my Aunt a few weeks ago and asked if I could stay for a few weeks and her response was ‘Stay for as long as you need. Come get some rest, come home to refocus.’

Refocus. Yikes. Wait. Was I not focused?
With all this running around, there is a part of me that forgot that all this travel has made me DISTRACTED.

Distracted from my business.
Distracted from dealing with hurt.
Distracted from my health.
Distracted from centering myself for 2020. I’ve been so distracted from working ON MY LIFE, I started existing in my life.

2019 has absolutely changed my life for the better and I will be eternally grateful for that – but in a very real sense, all this fun has made me distracted and extremely unfocused.
Don’t get me wrong, this was exactly what I needed but it’s made me check out from being the driver in my life to turning into the passenger.

My social media is looking a bit sparse. My blogs have been inconsistent. My second book is done and nothing’s happened with it. I keep muddling up the times in my work calendar and missing appointments. This is the polar opposite of who I have always been.

It’s why writing this blog was hard and I would need to check back in to be honest with myself.

So this is me promising that I’ve checked back in. This decade is almost over and I have things to do.

But I’m going to leave you with one big question– What is distracting you?
Mine is very simple. The road, new places, new friends, new experiences. It’s extremely tangible. Yours might not be able to be quantified as easily. It could be that new (or old) app on your phone, it could be that messenger chat, or it could simply be all the boring things are making important.

We have just over 2 months left of 2019. Where is your focus?

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