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Why I’m putting my prices up and why you should too

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been toying with the idea of putting my prices up. 

This, even for me, was a little confronting but it really came ahead for me in a conversation in Austin, Texas. I’m laying at the Barton Springs on a hill in my bathing suit chatting to a business contact, Dave. (Another reason I love Austin. Y’all do meetings in fun places )

Dave asks me how much my programs are. I explain and he ends it with

‘You need to be charging more. You charge more, change the results.’ 

Confused, I went back and looked at what my clients were doing and their results and he was right! My one-on-one clients who are paying a premium have been KILLING it lately – booking TED talks, getting paid speaking engagements, launching and booking new programs, getting #1 on Amazon – just to name a few. 

The people paying for the $379 course…. Not so much. Still doing well, but not exactly crushing it.

I posed the question back to Dave.

‘They need more skin in the game. Its basic, they don’t not value it but they don’t need it to work either.’

Here is a life tip guys. Always hang out with people who are smarter than you.

So I changed the prices – and I’m giving you a heaps up of what it is going to be. The benefit for this is that you’re going to get better results, you’ll get more one on one access to me and you’re going to make your money back.

Here are my Top 5 Reasons to Charge More

1. You want to grow your business 
Want to grow your business? Money isn’t everything here but it certainly helps. It means you can employ and get other people on board to assist you.

2. You get to spent more 1 on 1 time with clients

Some people will argue that time for money isn’t a good thing. I disagree. For the right clients, it’s absolutely amazing. Raising your prices means you can spend more and more time working with clients who are results driven rather than half doing the work.

3. You are getting more committed customers

Have you ever had a pre-discussion with a client and then immediately they started asking for a discount or to drop some money off the end? That client is always way more work than it’s worth. When you see your worth, you bring in the bigger committed customers and clients.

4. Raising prices is an indirect statement about your product/service quality 
Read that sentence again. 
And then again. 
You are worth it.

5. Exactly that.
You are worth it.

Does with resonate with you? Are you looking at putting your prices up?

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