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Knowing your why and your lane

Quite often in our careers we feel the need to be more then we are.  To say we know more than we do, it is this underlying need we get to want to feel accepted.  Jemimah and I spoke about this and how we all need to accept and embrace “our lane” in life.  This doesn’t mean that that is where you are going to have to stay or “drive” forever but being authentic with yourself and your audience is key.  She also talks to us about her journey and how she was at the top and made the choice to step down.  So she could continue to live and create her dreams.  

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A little bit more about this incredible woman:

 After a decade long career in law enforcement, Jemimah now works exclusively as a positioning consultant and coach to reduce the alarming statistic that 97% of female owned start-up businesses fail within the first five years. Women are failing at almost twice the rate of men. Jemimah seeks to be part of the reason this changes worldwide. She started her journey in entrepreneurship with the creation of Tangs Design, an ethical jewellery business and then soon after started The Business Experiment podcast. She is now the co-founder of Who Run The World. 

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