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This week has been the longest year of my life. 

Coronavirus has infected 20,000 people world-wide and has been named an international pandemic. It has been a really difficult time for the planet with almost unprecedented cancellations, closures, changes and globally an impact we haven’t even begun to feel.

But yesterday I had a biz meeting with my amazing friend, let’s call her Katherine. It’s her name so this works – and of course like everyone else is was a hot topic of conversation. We talked about our friends who have lost income and had improv and acting gigs cancelled. She sighed and said – well ‘I guess we need to look at the positives.’ And she is completely right.

The unexpected outcomes of the last few weeks have been incredible. 
The global community have come together on a level that hasn’t been felt since WW2.   
China has the best air quality is has had in 50 years. 
The Venice Canals have run clear for the first time in 50 years and dolphins have been seen PLAYING. 
We are seeing some amazing acts of humanity. 1500 New York students create an app to help source food and medical services to help disadvantaged people in NYC. 
Big chain supermarkets are giving access to groups who can’t do it for themselves. 
The scenes in Italy of singing have been inspiring and kind of awesome. 
Life has started to return back to normal in China after six weeks. 
Our spirits remain strong! 
We are seeing the curve begin to flatten. 
Clinical trials in USA and Australia have begun with the next stage being the creation of a vaccine. 
We are seeing technology being used to connect people like never before – people can work from home, we can run online classes, we are holding networking events online. 
We learned what meetings could actually be emails…. 

 But the big one – is we got time to stop living and just start being for awhile. 

 Sure, toilet paper is annoyingly an issue – (also don’t be a dick!) but… in the coming weeks we are going to see some absolutely incredible amazing humans.

Stay safe. 
Wash your hands. 
Stay at home if you.
Look on the bright side. 

JA x 

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