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How to Nail a Live Interview

Last week I did a live TV cross with the amazing Ryan Jon for On The Download – TickerTV.
My segment went for ten minutes and we spoke about personal branding and the huge failure rates for small businesses. These as you know, are two of my staple business things to chat about. To be honest, it was amazing he could reign me into only speaking for 10 minutes.

Being on a live interview is actually the funnest! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Sure it’s completely live, totally out of your control and putting someone like me on live broadcast TV is kind of like Russian Roulette of what could happen, but it’s the best part about it!

We exist in a world of a 24 hour news cycle so shows and podcasts are always looking for experts to be featured on podcasts, TV and in the media. And if you are wanting to grow your profile – getting featured on these are an amazing way to do it.

Here are my TOP 5 WAYS to Nail a LIVE interview.

1. Look your best and then DROP IT.

One of the easiest way to get in our own head about our looks. I would recommend have the same process whenever I go on a date. Using a mirror or a phone, do a final check of everything that you can– teeth, breathe, hair, earrings, clothes, jewellery… and then stop thinking about it. Do not get in your head about what you look like.

Also just while we are speaking about clothes. Avoid wearing clashing patterns, glitter or sparkle makeup if it’s a video interview. It’s distracting and what you say is important.Also, ladies – you will be required to hook a mic and battery pack in and under your clothes so wearing a dress can be problematic.

2. Know your content

Before you do an interview, you generally are told what they want you to speak on. They generally only want to know one or two really specific things and most times you will be asked to provide a list of questions. This is a general guide for the interviewers and keeps everything pretty focused in one or two area. While you are being interviewed, remember that you are the expert. It is really important that you know your content inside and out – so you can answer any question that might come up!

3. Dealing with Nerves
My first time on TV, I remember feeling very hot and very red and feeling like I might pass out just before going on. I was actually really nervous. But I had a lot of practice. I’d done at least 100 podcast interviews. I had done hundreds of Facebook lives. I’d done keynotes. I knew my content. 
But this was new! Of course I was going to feel nervous!

Being nervous isn’t a bad thing, remember learning to drive? It was really scary the first few times. And now you do things on automatic pilot. Keep doing, keep practicing! It’ gets a lot easier. And always remember: you are speaking about something you know a lot about and people want to hear from you.

4. If you don’t know – SAY YOU DON’T KNOW.

This happens more often to major media figures but it’s happened to me a few times. This often comes up when you are featured and a few hours before there is a breaking news story and you might be asked to comment about it. Now is not the time to make up something about something you know NOTHING about. Or only a LITTLE about. Don’t do it.‘Actually Joe, I don’t know enough about this to add any value right now! But it’s a really interesting story and I will definitely keep up with it as it progresses.

Case study: 
I was doing a Fire Side Chat and I was asked from an audience member‘
‘Jemimah, What are your views on Bitcoin?’
Me: ‘I have no views on Bitcoin’
The audience of course laughed and I went onto explain that I didn’t know enough about it to comment, that I wasn’t a financial planner but personally – I wasn’t going to be looking into it.
No damage was done. No bad advice was provided. I made people laugh and I was honest. I can’t ask for more of a win than that. 
And then interview continued on.

5. But remember, just have a conversation!

Sure, it’s an interview but ultimately – it’s a fun conversation that you need to be having with the other person. 
And it’s meant to be fun.

To be known, liked and trusted – is the best way to do this!

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