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Can I Ask You A Quick Question?

I would get this question in my inbox at least five times a week. And usually, it is a pretty a quick question.

But as we build our profiles – more and more people just need to ask a ‘quick question’.

The issue for us then becomes valuing our time and our expertise.

So if you’re like me and this is something that hits your inbox on a regular basis – here are some of my standard responses that demonstrate my values and my standard but also respect your time.

Responses for when you know it’s very quick question.

1. ‘Sure, email me your stop three questions and if it’s something I can answer quickly, I will. If not, I’ll need to book in some consultancy time. That ok?’ 

This shows the questioner two things. They will need to personally examine what they need to know and also ask them to self-check on their definition of a ‘quick question’. You have also demonstrated your standard.

2. “I have a pick your brain slot every Friday at 8am. Here is the link to book in.” 

This is particularly effective because not many people want to book in to speak to someone at 8am in the morning. Also, the link will send over will ONLY be for 15 minute meeting.

3. “I’m up against it right now. I have however answered this In a blog/podcast/article on that exact issue. Would you like the link?”

This shows that you are a busy person, you have competing priorities and that other paying clients will always come first.

If you know this is going to be a difficult question or perhaps you’ve already answered a few free questions before for this person- these ones might be more helpful.

4. “Sure. Would you like to book one of my 60 Min Consult Hours? Here is a session to book in and pay for the session.”

5. “Hey, given we have already had a chat – let’s make a proper appointment to go through this so we can give you some real clarity. Would you like me to send you a link for you to book in and pay?

6. “I cover that in my book/online course. Would you like the link?”

This conversations will happen every now and again and while we come from a place of helping – we need to make sure we set standards and act appropriately.

What you know is valuable, so always be kind but let’s make sure you’re paying your mortgage.

JA x

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