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Things to do to build your profile during lockdown

Welcome to day 5827 of quarantine.

If you’ve found it difficult working through this time, I’m not surprised. We are after all in the middle of a pandemic. It can feel very overwhelming and like this will never end, BUT the good news is that we can use the Remember when we all has such high hopes of what we would do if we had ‘more time’? Haha.
Here is some bite sized little chunks of things you can do if you are struggling to do biz work during quarantine.

1.       Contact your network!

You have a huge network and if you’re like business owners, you have people in your network and your social that you simply just don’t know.
Use this time to reach out to the via Messenger and Facebook and simply connect.  This isn’t a sales or a request, it’s simply just opening the communication channels. Starting conversations is the first step to new clients.
I have recently started doing this and honestly, it’s time consuming but I’ve got at least a dozen phone calls booked in this week that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

2.       Create a media kit
Having your own media kit is just about one of the most powerful profile building tools in your toolbox.
It is a one or two page document which outlines everything that you are! It’s your biography, demographics, social media, awards and also your brag bar. It’s a snapshot and incredibly powerful to help you get seen and to help build your profile. The good news is that you can use it for multiple purposes and repurpose the same document!

3.       Ask to be a guest on your favourite podcast.
Being a guest on a podcast is an amazing way to build your profile and be seen during COVID.
Podcasts are always looking for guests, and the good news is that because we are in a 24 hour media cycle, it’s never been easier to be featured.
Forbes estimated that podcasting is a $20B industry in 2020 and that’s not taking into account the potential clients you can

Do you have a few podcasts that you religiously tune into? One of the easiest things that you can do is simply ask to be on it.

Also, if you can have your media kit – it’s a simple way to be interviewed.

4.       Get some fun branding shots
The good news if you want to get some new photos, now is the time! Most streets and locations are still very quiet.
Think favourite streets, walls, bricks and paint work around your local area. It’s probably never been quieter.

But… if you are going do to that, wear a mask and be safe about it.  

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