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10 Things I’m doing to Change my Life In 2021.

Like every single other person reading this, 2021 has felt like a bit of a false start.

Not much has changed from 2020. We still remain in a pandemic. We ended up back in lockdown. Melbourne somehow skipped summer… It feels like 2020 but maybe with a fringe cut in?

One of the things I make every year, is a photobook of the year that has been.

And when I looked back at 2020 and the things that happened and it wasn’t the usual productive year I would normally have. I put on weight. I didn’t finish my book. I got into some terrible sleeping habits. I haven’t been blogging. I’ve lost all structure to my business. Uber Eats became my secondary kitchen. None of this was terrific and screaming ‘successful business owner/awesome human behavior’ but all very ‘newly divorced and pandemic’ vibes to it.

So in February, I decided I needed to get my shit together and for a month I’ve been doing radical self-discipline and self-care.

These are the 10 Things I am doing to get my shit together every single day.

1.       Morning Routine

At the height of the pandemic, I would hit snooze at least three times (if I even bothered to set an alarm) and there was usually a social media scroll before rising around 10am looking like a swamp monster from a cave – and go straight to the couch.
This isn’t a tactic Tony Robbins has recommended ever.

Now, things are a little different. My alarm is always set for 6am and there is no negotiating.  I wake to a fun motivational empowerment playlist, sweat pants and we are doing a Chloe Ting exercise playlist or going for a walk. Sure, I still look like a swamp monster but I’m at least moving in the right direction.

2.       Tracking My Progress   

One of the best purchases I made in 2021 was getting a Samsung Watch. I’m tracking my steps, my heart rate, tracking my sleep… and every day it’s telling me exactly how much or how little I am doing.  

How many steps did I get in?
How is my stress level?
How high did I get my heart rate?
What is my weight today?

This is the product that works best for me. I wanted to have something that meant I could leave my phone in a different room but still see calls coming in. I also considered the Oura Ring and a Fitbit.

As someone wiser than me told me – what you measure you can manage.

3.       Found Accountability Buddies

Every single day, 3 people get reports about my day.
If you haven’t ever had an accountability buddy before, they are the person who checks in on you and makes sure you are doing the thing you said you would do.

What a motivator. I would rather just do the thing I need to do than tell Sue I didn’t write anything… so shockingly, every single day something is getting done.   

4.       Daily Meditation

This has been the one thing that my soul has fought against doing every step of the way and honestly, it hasn’t gotten easier.  I’ve been doing this 15 Minute Future Pacing Meditation for the past 7 months and at the start of the year I started doing it daily.
My soul has continued to rage against it but here I am doing it anyway.

Note: My best guess at the moment is that this specific meditation is very heavily focused on

5.       Hired a New Staff Member!

This one really has become a priority and extremely overdue. So in February 2021, I bit the bullet and bought an amazing staff member onboard.
Everyone say hi to Marisa, my new Assistant.

We love her and she is doing all the things I was always meant to get around to doing.

6.       Worked to a High Performance Planner

I purchased Brendan Burchard’s High Performance Planner where every single day I plan my day, increase my productivity and create a positive mindset for the my day.
It is an incredibly helpful focused tool where I can dominate my day.  
I will be completing this every single day for six months.

7.       Created the Non-Negotiable List

On my fridge is a Dry Erase Board which outlines my mandatory daily to do list.

It has 17 different things and it includes; Nutrition. Meditation. Invisalign. Beach. Meditation. Read 10 pages of any book, just to name a few.
And every night at 7pm, I go through the list and anything I haven’t done – I need to do before bed.

This is the board from Amazon.

8.       Creating Reminders

I have a lot of competition priorities in my life. Clients, meetings, writing, jewellery, class, work… so I spent THREE HOURS, designing a reminder process for my phone and diary.

It includes everything from drink water, client scheduled meetings, exercises and motivational quotes.

9.       I Stopped Dating

This one isn’t for everyone but after six months of being single and putting my toe back into the dating pool – and the shit show the followed, I’m done for the next six months.

Speaking of…


I said to a client recently, ‘give me six months and I’ll give you a completely different life.’

So I’m giving it to myself.
I’m refocusing. I’m retooling and we are going again.
See you guys next week with another blog because THIS IS A PRIORITY.

Mwah –

JA x


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