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Aren’t you curious about your own potential?

I have a new post-it note on my desk which I am OBSESSED WITH.

It simply reads ‘Aren’t you curious about your own potential?’

Well, yes. Yes I am.

Over the last two months, I have recently become obsessed with the idea ‘What if I gave it everything for six months?’
What if I blocked out streaming services and committed everything to learning, developing and curating where I want to be for the next six months.

And that is exactly what I am doing.

Like most people in the past few years, I got a little lost in the weeds.
(Something about being locked down for a very long time and a divorce? I digress)
I really felt like I lost the momentum of the things I wanted. I went into massive automatic pilot.

In late 2021, I did an audit of my life and figured out what I liked and I didn’t and the answers surprised me. I stopped eating meat. I spent more time in the sunshine. I broke up with my business coach. I cancelled access to streaming services.

I got out of the weeds and got focused on figuring out what I really wanted. So this is me committing to the next six months to find out my new potential.

I will write and work towards a finished book in 2022.
I will launch my new podcast.
I will make more money and help a lot more people.
I will become the next version of myself.

So my question to you, are you curious about your own potential?
What do you want to achieve in the next six months?

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