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We Need to Talk About Entering Awards

Oh hello there!

If you have been near me in the past 3 months, you already know what I am doing to say. Apologies if you heard this already this week but…YOU NEED TO ENTER BUSINESS AWARDS THIS YEAR.

In the second half of 2023, we are going to see at least 300 business awards open worldwide and they are going to give you a tonne of incredible benefits.

Here are my favourite reasons to enter awards:

1. Credibility and Trust
Awards serve as third-party validation to everything that you are doing. They can help build credibility and trust among customers, partners, and investors, showcasing your commitment to quality and innovation. This helps build trust and of course – makes you more money.

2. Audit your Business
Awards create a great opportunity to reflect on what is working and what needs some adjustment. Awards often make you review different aspects of your business.

3. Recognition
Winning or becoming a Finalist for an award can provide your business with recognition of what you are doing. Awards help highlight your achievements and distinguishes you from competitors, enhancing your brand reputation.

4. Networking Opportunities
Do not under estimate this! Awards mean you get to meet other people, judges, other attendees, industry leaders, speakers…and much much more. These connections can lead to new opportunities, collaborations, and valuable relationships.

5. Visibility!
It’s almost like I like talking about visibility. Awards offer excellent marketing and publicity opportunities. They provide a compelling reason to generate media coverage, press releases, and social media announcements, which can increase brand visibility, attract new customers, and expand your reach…oh and make more money!

I’m a big fan of awards and they are an incredible way to get visible and the way to build your profile.

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