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As humans that is what we do – we adapt and I will to so in all likelihood – I probably will forget everything that I’ve written above but I’m going to try really hard not to.

Happy Freedom Day Melbourne. I love you.

Things I’m Keeping Post Pandemic

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I’m currently trying a new thing where I read a non-business book every single week. Honestly, it’s taking me about 2 weeks to get through one but I admire my optimism in telling you it’s one every week.

I recently repicked up Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert which has always been a favourite.

Creativity has always been important to me and I remembered finding absolute joy when I first read this book. If you follow me on social media, you know I’ve taken up painting and trying to be more creative in my day to day.

Follow your Jealousy

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My friend Adam called the other night and I had just finished working out, had my Invisalign in and had leave in conditioner all over my hair. The image you have in your head right now – make it ten times worse.

Got it? Yep.

Self care is an unbeautiful thing

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Last week Melbourne claimed a title no one actually wanted us ever wanted. We have now become the city with the worlds longest lockdown. That’s right – take that Worlds Most Livable City, we got a new title that no one wanted and everyone hates.

Melbourne folk are basically superhero’s at this point with 230 days under our belt.

Things I learned during in the worlds longest lockdown

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For any of us that have ‘that voice’, it can make very little sense to people around us. It’s the reason we start businesses, move countries, learn Italian, take up a new hobby – this voice is the reason we do a lot of things that just simply don’t make sense to people. My voice was well and truly screaming at me in 2020 as I came home and was looking at relocating abroad.

But my voice, just like everyone else’s, suddenly became muffled and drowned out because of the world we were in. Australia watched as bushfires enveloped our home followed shortly by the global pandemic that took the lives of millions – my voice had to take a backseat.

Into the Unknown

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And then it hit me.
Over the last two years so many wonderful magic things had happened that I’d never thought about. In this exact moment, I was grieving my old life in very real time.

Lessons from Sobbing in an Airport – Growth Leads to Grief

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“We have been told to be quiet, not to rock the status quo. We aren’t told to advocate for ourselves and sell ourselves. I would argue women need to own their power and skills and remind people just who YOU are.” — Jemimah Ashleigh

We Lead – Diversity and Inclusion with Jemimah Ashleigh

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A man is travelling on a dirt road high up in the mountains and out of nowhere a man riding a horse so fast that our traveller has to jump out of the way. He scrambles onto his feet, dusts himself off and screams after the guy on the horse
‘Hey, where the fuck are you going?’
‘I donnn’t knnnooowww…. Ask the horse!’

Where are you going?

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Like every single other person reading this, 2021 has felt like a bit of a false start.

Not much has changed from 2020. We still remain in a pandemic. We ended up back in lockdown. Melbourne somehow skipped summer… It feels like 2020 but maybe with a fringe cut in?

One of the things I make every year, is a photobook of the year that has been.

10 Things I’m doing to Change my Life In 2021.

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This article was published on 9Honey. You can find tit here “I planned every moment meticulously” Symbolism provided much comfort to Jemimah Ashleigh as she worked her way out of her short marriage. “My partner and I were together for seven years before we got married. Looking back, I guess I got married because I […]

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