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Over the last two months, I have recently become obsessed with the idea ‘What if I gave it everything for six months?’
What if I blocked out streaming services and committed everything to learning, developing and curating where I want to be for the next six months.

Aren’t you curious about your own potential?

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As the year wraps up, I have been thinking about the lessons I have learned and the time that has passed. It was very easy to dismiss this year but somewhere in there I learned and grew. These were my takeaways.

21 Things I Learned in 2021

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I have felt like the last few pandemic years have blended into one – it’s easy to think we’ve been caught in groundhog day with fun things like ‘closed borders’ and 256 days of lockdown.

But over this last year, I’ve watched some pretty incredible people do some pretty incredible things.

The MAGIC of wins we created in 2021

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Every 15 minutes, like actual clock work – it would go and I reviewed the activity I was doing with only two questions.

“Out of 10, how much joy does this add to my life?’
“Out of 10, how productive is this activity to my life?”

It needs to be a 5 or above.

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. In 1998 The Great Britain’s Olympic Rowing Team were training to win a gold medal at the Olympics.

The team mantra became ‘Will it make the boat go faster?’ and they applied it to every area of their lives. When faced with a decision, they asked themselves this question.

If the answer was yes, they did the thing. If no, they didn’t do the thing. It was very very simple. They committed for two years to only do things that would make the boat go faster.

“Will it make the boat go faster”

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As humans that is what we do – we adapt and I will to so in all likelihood – I probably will forget everything that I’ve written above but I’m going to try really hard not to.

Happy Freedom Day Melbourne. I love you.

Things I’m Keeping Post Pandemic

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I’m currently trying a new thing where I read a non-business book every single week. Honestly, it’s taking me about 2 weeks to get through one but I admire my optimism in telling you it’s one every week.

I recently repicked up Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert which has always been a favourite.

Creativity has always been important to me and I remembered finding absolute joy when I first read this book. If you follow me on social media, you know I’ve taken up painting and trying to be more creative in my day to day.

Follow your Jealousy

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My friend Adam called the other night and I had just finished working out, had my Invisalign in and had leave in conditioner all over my hair. The image you have in your head right now – make it ten times worse.

Got it? Yep.

Self care is an unbeautiful thing

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Last week Melbourne claimed a title no one actually wanted us ever wanted. We have now become the city with the worlds longest lockdown. That’s right – take that Worlds Most Livable City, we got a new title that no one wanted and everyone hates.

Melbourne folk are basically superhero’s at this point with 230 days under our belt.

Things I learned during in the worlds longest lockdown

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For any of us that have ‘that voice’, it can make very little sense to people around us. It’s the reason we start businesses, move countries, learn Italian, take up a new hobby – this voice is the reason we do a lot of things that just simply don’t make sense to people. My voice was well and truly screaming at me in 2020 as I came home and was looking at relocating abroad.

But my voice, just like everyone else’s, suddenly became muffled and drowned out because of the world we were in. Australia watched as bushfires enveloped our home followed shortly by the global pandemic that took the lives of millions – my voice had to take a backseat.

Into the Unknown